Activities for College Students in Lockdown

Takeaway: When college campuses are shut down, and there are few opportunities to look forward to, days will get very dull. With mobility limited to the four walls of the house, the internet provides the perfect place to 'roam.'


Activities for college students in lockdown

1. Create a workout schedule

Working out is an ideal way to take control of your mind and body. It pushes you and your muscles, and enhances the flow of blood and oxygen, helps you to feel better and think about small business ideas in India more clearly. The best thing? You may use minimal to no equipment at home for various practice exercises.


2. Dance away

Whether you took dance classes before or not doesn't matter. Dancing is a great way to boost mood. Find and get the most out of your favorite playlist. But note that there are neighbors, so you may not share your musical preferences often. There are many styles of dance: tap, jazz, modern dance, hip-hop, ballet, etc.


3. Read books

Reading is a beautiful practice that helps one to communicate and develop our memory and vocabulary. If you're browsing for film, startup stories, breastfeeding, or hardcover books, few things can equate to plunging into another universe, diving at the perspectives of your favorite authors.


4. Pursue online courses

Learning is a long-lasting process and should not stop once classes have ended or once lessons have been suspended, in our case. You have probably previously learned this, but ignorance is a luxury in the era of knowledge.


5. Develop yourself professionally

Your CV (curriculum vitae) is one of the most important documents of the work application. It's the first chance to impress, and you're supposed to treat it seriously. Online networking sites like Internshala are a perfect way to improve your business skills or even use your passions to earn some extra cash. During this time, you can also find organizations, particularly NGOs, which are looking for people who can support them remotely.


6. Play games

When we were children, everything used to be a game except dating apps in India; we knew how to have fun and enjoy ourselves. For some of us, this diminishes as we grow up and reflect on other duties. There are countless benefits of play, particularly for (young) adults who live in a world full of challenging activities and expectations.


7. Clean your room

There is a secure link between the world and the state of mind. For many people, living in dirty, cluttered spaces is exhausting and doesn't encourage them to concentrate properly. The solution is simple: clean up your room. 



Being stuck indoors is anything but pleasant, especially now that spring is coming in many parts of the world. But that doesn't mean you can't make the most of this time.

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