Applancer acquires & rebrands it to

Takeaway: We at Applancer Services Private Limited have acquired venture (now rebranded to, previously owned by TimesNext Media Private Limited.

We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of, a leading job and internship search platform, from TimesNext Media Private Limited. would continue to function as a job and internship search portal and would follow the same hiring techniques and methods post-rebranding and also aims to establish its place in the recruitment market as a reliable leader. 

The definitive agreement between Applancer Services Private Limited and TimesNext Media Private Limited, will give Applancer Services Private Limited access to all the ownership rights of the platform, in the form of KillerLaunch, post-rebranding. Rebranded to

As a rebranding process, Applancer Services Private Limited believes that gaining access to employment opportunities act as the building blocks of one's career. Students seeking internships and freshers looking for jobs both have one intention in common, to give their career a 'killer launch'.

Get ready to unload your burdens and give your career a killer launch with KillerLaunch will be providing exclusive job and internship opportunities to its users from across the nation. The platform will be offering its users with free access to thousands of jobs & internships opportunities from hundreds of verified companies.


Give your career a KillerLaunch!

Here's why you must keep your eyes on KillerLaunch to gain the best employment opportunities as a student, fresher, or young professional:


Unbiased network for employment: 

KillerLaunch will be an impartial network for job and internship seekers and will be providing equal employment opportunities to all its users. KillerLaunch will enable its users to look for jobs and internships according to their personal preferences of location, salary, job type, industry, and more.


Check company reviews before accepting an offer: 

At KillerLaunch, a user can easily check the reviews left by the current or former employees in the Company Reviews section, allowing them to make better career decisions in terms of choosing the best workspace for them. 

The Company Reviews section displays an insight into the company's work culture, benefits, etc., that has proved to play an essential role in a candidate's job selection process.


Easy-to-use search engine: 

The simple layout and user-friendly design of KillerLaunch will enable users to perform jobs and internship searches according to their preferences, without getting distracted from any disturbing elements on the page. 

It's an incredibly easy-to-use job search engine that helps in making the job search experience better through increased efficiency, helping deliver quicker search results.

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