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Technology is a field that has seen a great boom in the last decade and with an amazingly powerful device, also known as a smartphone being in almost everyone's hands around the world, smartphone app development has become a field with fruitful outcomes. Not only can you have a great career in this development sector, but you can also even work independently as a freelancer developing apps for companies using your own creativity. Every company in the world with a wide consumer base comes with an app and a website, thus creating millions of job opportunities in the world. But the smartphone market is divided into two main halves with Android and iOS, so why should you pick an apple over others? The answer can be as simple as looking at huge grip it has on the platforms of the world. There is one platform (Android) for all major smartphone companies in the world and a separate one for Apple products alone (iOS). This dominance gives you more power to work as you want to and makes learning and implementing its development easier.

Any app you develop on the platform is sure to be available to millions of people, and that is something every developer looks for. Also, since Apple keeps its platform simple and universal an app created for the iPhone can still be accessed on the iPod Touch, an iPad, or any of the other devices Apple publishes. This also means you save yourself a lot of time and code that would have been required to integrate the app for these different devices.

The main language you need to learn is Objective- C, which is relatively easier to grasp and powers all of Apple's frameworks. Along with objective-c, you also need to learn Cocoa touch, the framework that drives user interactions on iOS. With many tools to develop apps on the market, developing iOS applications is not as tricky as it once used to be, but since the market of its consumer is ever growing, even people new to the craft have a chance of creating something unique.

On the path to becoming an iOS developer, you'll need many tools, and here are a few tools that are free to use and will help you make an application quickly and efficiently:


When developing an iOS application, Xcode is simply the most used and most important tool. It is the official IDE for Swift, which is a language developed by Apple, especially for iOS development. You can use Xcode to develop apps for iPhone, iPad, the Mac, or even Apple TV and Apple watch. If you're running Mac OS X Lion, you can easily find Xcode and all related packages for free in the Mac App Store. 

It can create files in the classic xib / nib format that is standard to Mac OS X as well as iOS apps. This format generally requires you to design a new page view each time, which can become overwhelming very fast if creating more views in a single app. To fix this, you can always add a new storyboard file that holds all your nib views in a single editor pane and can be used to add and remove UI elements with ease. Another kind of file you'll come across when using Xcode is .h and .m files which stand for header and implementation code respectively. These are the files where you are going to write all your Objective- C functions and code in.

Xcode is a fast and consistently smooth tool on its own, but you can use other tools like Alcatraz to add on to its functionality. Alcatraz is a package manager that allows you to install additional plugins inside your IDE but is only available for newer versions of the OS (OSX 10.9+ and Xcode 5+).


AppCode is another developing tool that is developed by JetBrains and can be used for development on apps on the iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple watch as well as Apple TV.
It supports several languages like swift, Objective-C, C++, JavaScript, etc. and therefore is very adaptable to whatever language you might want to code in. The key feature of AppCode is that it offers coding assistance and can even highlight errors, which is a great help to newcomers as well as veterans who might have made a silly error.

Code Runner

Code Runner is one in every of the most popular and widely used IDEs in the world.
It is easy-to-use but can be a highly advanced and extremely versatile programming editor for iOS development. Code runner support twenty-three languages that include swift, objective-C and objective-C++. Even with so many recognized languages, it is a light-weight, quick, and helpful tool. You can also use it for debugging your code with the breakpoint.


For the initial stages of development, MockingBird can be a great help. The web-based wireframe application works like noting down a napkin sketch, therein it enables you to get your visual ideas onto a digital medium. The app conjointly enables you to produce multiple pages to make your plan. You can also make modifications in alignment, color, font size, and font color, and share your sketch with others. 


RxSwift is a tool that can be found in all of the favored and most suggested libraries for asynchronous programming. It's a reactive programming library that is employed to program powerful apps that can respond to changes in data and other user events.


Testflight is a constitutional framework that is employed mainly for testing Apple products. By using this product, you'll be able to invite the users of the software for the beta testing of your Application. You can invite as much as 10,000 testers that are using this application and gather valuable user experience data that can help you make important changes to your app before you hit the market.


Fabric is a mobile platform tool that facilitates your team to develop better apps.
It is tightly integrated into your software development environment that allows you to integrate new services very easily. Fabric is a light-weight, powerful, and quick crash reporting tool, and it can help you completely automate your beta Application distribution and deployment method.


Applyzer is a company that was founded in 2009 and is still widely used by mobile application developers. It’s amongst the top software that can help you find your rankings on the iTunes store. You can use Applyzer by simply creating a free account and adding your application ID to know the ranking of your application on the iTunes store.
It conjointly has a keyword search feature that allows you to check the results of daily searched keywords on the store.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is among the largest and most trustworthy online community for the developer of every kind to learn and share their expertise. It is an issue and answer website that works basically for troubleshooting your development process. It can help essentially help every kind of software programmer to search and find out the solution to their problem.

Design+Code 2 iOS

The Design+Code iOS app helps you letting you browse and watch forty-four hours of content concerning the techniques that were used in creating this app, using tools like Sketch, Framer, and Xcode 9. You can bookmark the vital components, check your progress for every section, and do exercises to strengthen your knowledge and learn more about app development in general. The biggest advantage of using Design+Codeis that it requires no coding expertise and is the perfect learning tool for visual individuals.

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