Evolving Startup Culture in India [in 2020]

Takeaway: In India, start-ups are renowned for their flexible working conditions, their late evening parties, and an environment that promotes respect and impartiality among employees.


Rise of startups in India

India has the world's second-biggest unicorn startup ecosystem. The main factors making India one of the world's most startup-friendly nations are:

  1. The cost involved is less
  2. Customers and vendors live nearby.
  3. The scale of the domestic sector has grown tremendously, with 7 million students per year, while the nation's young people tend to work with new start-ups than long-standing MNCs.
  4. To bear in mind that after China, India has the second-largest network user base to make reaching its local public through Whatsapp and Facebook easier for companies.

Previously, the best talent was confined to major companies as far as India was concerned. But, with entrepreneurship and self-employment in the bloodstream of the Indian economy, more and more professionals are beginning to distinguish themselves from significant companies and do entrepreneurship alone.


List of Successful Indian Startups 

Indian start-ups have effectively gained global recognition for several years in various sectors. At the same time, many of India's leading companies, particularly in Tier 2 and in 3 cities, are also trying to broaden their presence and footprint. Let's talk about a few successful Indian Startups.


1. Swiggy

Swiggy started operations with six procurement managers and 25 affiliate restaurants in Bengaluru's old Koramangala neighborhood in 2014. It offers a comprehensive solution to order food and supply from many restaurants to the city's food industry. 


2. Byju's

Today, BYJU 'S offers numerous high school and secondary courses on the Internet tailored to the Indian education system, along with online training for competitive exams such as IAS, CAT, GRE, Class IV, and Class X test content for both CBSE / ICSE candidates and pre-school learning apps.


3. Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials is an authentic, conventional brand of skincare focused on ancient Ayurvedic medicine. Pioneer in the luxury segment of Ayurveda, today, the Indian beauty brand blends the ancient Ayurvedic beauty practices with a fashionable and contemporary style.


4. Paytm

Paytm is India's biggest payment portal, which provides online data entry jobs without investment to various job-seekers. We provide mobile payment solutions for over 7 million traders and allow customers to make money, bank accounts, and digital credit, among others, seamless mobile payments.


5. Delhivery

Delhivery, a unicorn in logistics, is Sahil Barua's brainchild, Mohit Tandon, and Suraj Saharan. To challenge the supply chain market for India, Delhivery was launched in 2011. It is available in approximately 600 cities currently offering services across 8500 pin codes in India. It has 12 distribution centers and works with e-business companies, including Flipkart & Paytm, for B2C and B2B services.



To conclude, today's Indian young people are not afraid to abandon their nine to five jobs to see their dreams come true. Everyone can crack the glass ceiling and play perfect managerial positions. Since only if people are allowed to speak and behave openly do their best. 

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