How to make an Android App: A brief guide for Android App Development

With technological advancements in all fields of life, the IT and Computer sectors of the world are ruling society. This has brought upon a renaissance for various fields in these sectors with new specializations popping up now and then. Everything we think of being it a store, a service, a company or a manufacturer, all have an Android app and website attached to them. These applications, while sitting on your smartphone, generate traffic for the company and increase their sales along with providing them revenue in other forms like through advertisements and sponsors. Most of us cannot imagine life without using these handy and time-saving apps that bring us our food, play us our music and even act as our means for transportation or payment. If there is a task to be done, chances are there is an application for it. So as a new developer in the field, how can you learn to innovate and build these apps from scratch? Where can you go to learn the basic and advanced information needed for making Android app yourself? These are the questions this guide will help you answer and help you take that first step towards becoming an Android developer. 

Tools necessary for learning app development

There is an abundance of tools to pick from when learning app development with a wide array of coding languages and techniques that go with them when making an android app. So how do you pick the tool you want to use without spending too much or having to learn something too advanced for a beginner? 

These are the few tools that are multi-platform (for multiple operating systems) and open-source(free):


BuildFire.js is a cross-platform tool. It is one of the only tools to implement frameworks. It can help a user to do up to 80 percent of the development by itself by using any of the 45+ open source plugins that exist with it, making android app development on it easy.

jQuery mobile

Over half of all mobile websites are presently using jQuery mobile. It's amongst the oldest app development tools out there and has additional practicality than most. While it lacks native-like practicality or advanced UI, it makes up for this by working as the “write once, run everywhere” dream.

Other multiplatform tools that are specific in their function of developing games include:


Unity is among the most popular game development platforms. You'll be able to use it to create high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across multiple platforms, and even build AR/VR apps.

Unreal Engine

Another advanced gaming development platform, Unreal Engine is a free, open-source, cross-platform answer to making high-level interactive games. Unreal Engine is in style with the recent multimillion-dollar hit game "Fortnite" being built on it.

These tools discussed till now have all been multi-platform that is they can also be used for ios along with Android. For making apps exclusive to Android, you can use tools like: 

Android Studio

As the official integrated development environment for any Android app, Android studio undebatable appears at the top of most list of the best tools for Android developers. Google created Android Studio back in 2013. It replaced Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT) as the primary IDE for native Android app development.
Android Studio provides code, written material, debugging, testing tools all inside an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. It is supported not solely by Google but also by an oversized and actively engaged community of Android developers.


Eclipse is a free open source Android developer tool and IDE. However, it additionally boasts an active forum and supportive operating teams to assist you, must you encounter a problem you can't fix. 

Languages Needed for Android app development

Many coding languages can be useful when learning android app development, but the most popular and widely used languages are:


You cannot fail with Java if creating Android apps. It’s the official language of the system, it’s the second most active language on GitHub, and it’s been around for about twenty years. All of this implies that tutorials are abundant and you won’t need to worry regarding the language dying out any time shortly.
Since Java is so old, it packs plenty of the options and features of newer languages. If you’re coming back from a language like Swift, then Java might feel claustrophobic.


C# is an implausible language. It’s everything right with Java along with none of the shortcomings, made even better by all of the enhancements made on top of it. For some time, the most important disadvantage of C# was that it might solely run on Windows systems as a result of it depending on the .NET Framework. However, that changed once Microsoft open sourced the .NET Framework in 2014 and bought Xamarin in 2016, the company that maintains Mono (a project that allows C# programs to run on several platforms).


While Android doesn't support native Python development, some tools permit you to produce apps in Python then convert them into APKs that can run on Android devices. Kivy is a cross-platform Python framework that is open source and can support Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS additionally to Android. But since it isn’t natively supported, you won’t get native benefits. 

HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript

These three languages that began as the core trifecta for front-end net development have since evolved into something larger. Now you can produce every kind of application, each mobile, and desktop, by using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. In essence, you’re making an online app that gets rendered as an offline app through platform magic. To create Android apps in this manner, you can use Adobe Cordova, that is an open source framework.

Sets and Courses you can Learn from

You can always choose a coaching center near you to learn android development but with the digital age where most of us choose to take our lessons anywhere, anytime through websites here are a few websites that can provide you with quality lessons:


Udemy not only provided consumers with an unlimited option of choices in courses but also opened up teaching opportunities. That is, you can become a lecturer as long as you want to. Users can learn any course on the platform at any time, and introduce their own experience and data to the world.  

You can take the "complete android and developer course" to learn Android studio, java code, and other advanced Android features that can help you make an Android app.


Udacity is another organization looking to educate students along with earning profits. Along with lessons, it also includes its interface, forums, and a few elements of social media.

You can pay for the “android developer nano degree" to get started as an Android developer without much experience. You will get certified by Google and learn the necessary skills if you manage to complete the program.


This website specializes in providing short-term online training courses and offers with more than 400 courses in the fields of IT, programming, and most importantly, Android.

You can pay for the “Android app development for beginners training” course as a beginner in the field and fully learn all the basics of Android development along with getting the ability to publish the app on the Google Play Store.

Learning the languages and tools needed for the field through these courses isn't all you need to do to become a complete Android developer. To achieve that you need to polish these skills and concepts learned and used it to apply on real-world situations through the process of hours and hours of practice and dedicated learning.

Future Scope for the field

Android is a large industry in today's world, with its reach getting bigger every day. Almost every company and website require an application to go with it and popularise its use. And with Android being the world’s most used operating system for mobiles, Android development is a profession that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. This is also evident in the boom of smartphone users across the globe and our sheer dependability on apps every day.

If you wish to make an Android App or you think that currently, Android App Development is your need then you should surely get in touch with the Top Android App Developers.

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