How to Use Job Portals for Recruitment in 2020

Takeaway: In this article, we will help you with how to use job platforms efficiently to get your dream job.



Job sites, or Work Boards, are places where you can post jobs and search resumes. They are an essential part of virtually any recruiting cycle and can easily be converted into skilled applicants at reasonably low expense. Here are a few suggestions to guarantee that you get the best out of the recruiting portals.


Choose the right Job portal

Recruitment expenses are small, and businesses need to be willing to invest their money where they can make the most impact. Find career boards that would offer you the most eligible employers. Here's how to locate the right career boards for your work:


1. Try popular job boards

Many skilled candidates are bound to attract large, mainstream employment boards. Advertise on KillerLaunch, Glassdoor, Naukri Jobs in India, and find out which website is the best for attaining your dream job.


2. Find niche job boards

Niche job boards are specialized in one industry or sector. Seek to find the ones that fit best for you for various workboards.


Craft effective Resume

The summary of your work is the first job seeker contact. Create job resumes that are informative and engaging to attract employers. Some tips here:

  1. Use clear definitions
  2. Provide important information
  3. Explain what makes you a good employee
  4. Mention your educational qualifications
  5. Create a good cover letter


More tips to make an effective search on job portals

Job portals by candidates through experience levels and functions have been classified repeatedly as the preferred medium for job search. A survey found that approximately 62 percent of applicants choose to browse via work portals such as Internshala. As a consequence, most job portals have reinvented themselves to meet the rising needs of this group.

The medium must be thoroughly understood and used for successful searching so that the chances of having the desired job are improved. Some of the basic things are posting CVs, getting a persuasive cover letter, and searching for the job/role you want. Here are some more ideas on job portals when you are looking for jobs:

  • Also, update the work portal and also update the new jobs portal as new positions can be added to the listings.
  • Refresh the resume once every ten days to improve candidate chances of being noticed. 
  • Make minor changes so that the resume is automatically reposted. 
  • It is beneficial as most employers search the revived search by date and day.
  • Many portals allow you to look for different skills, which can enable you to post an application to the most suitable position. 
  • Use Search filters-basic experience, salary, feature, and location for fast and relevant work searches.
  • Benefit from the various features on the site, including employment agents, job alerts, resume services, which help you to strengthen your profile.
  • A job seeker can find companies and search for work openings on their website.

Name: kirankumar paita

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Name: kirankumar paita

Thanks for sharing such a nice blog with us. very informative blog , mainly for freshers pleae keep sharing.

Name: Victor

Nice Article, And Very useful

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