How to use Social Media for promoting your Startup?

Social Media as a promotional tool: 

Social Media has nowadays sprung as the ultimate tool for marketers in marketing their products extensively. There are nearly 2 billion users present online, which is 25% of the world’s population. Many brands nowadays use prominent social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram masterfully to promote their services.

Many companies in the past have resorted to social media marketing as their primary source of marketing and have made huge profits also. But what did these companies use the tactics for marketing their brands? How were these companies able to reach out to the customers who are present in millions in social media?

And finally, how were these companies able to convert potential customers into life-long customers? Did it help them in increasing their sales and sales values? 

Yes, it is the answer to all the above questions. But how? Let us find this out by the ten elaborate strategies listed below, which have to be involved by every startup to be successful. 

1. Create Personal Interviews of Customers and market it on Social Media:

As said earlier, Social Media has become a boon for many upcoming startups due to the immense population it possesses. One of the best ways to market your products on social media is to create personal interviews with the customers you have used them before. 

By this virtue, several people will start trusting your product, and subsequently, your consumer base increases. Many leading startups and companies nowadays lean heavily on these marketing techniques and formulate a team for this sake. These teams come up with ideas and techniques which create differentiation with other ordinary products.

These teams always develop meaningful campaigns by still keeping in mind the customer first. Your sales will start inflating to a new level if you have a clear cut idea of what your consumer is expecting from you. 

But how do these companies come to know what the customer wants? These marketing teams formulated by the company conduct focus groups, surveys, and one-on-one interviews and understand what the customer expects from them. After knowing such traits, they develop marketing campaigns that make a difference.

These marketing teams also speak with the current and prospective customers and know about their needs and desires and then create specific social media campaigns that get aligned with the needs of the customers.

2. Make proper usage of the Social Media Analytics Platform:

Now people may start asking what a Social Media Analytics Platform is? Let us discuss it below. Your marketing team will strive day and night and formulate a marketing campaign by considering all the needs of a customer. But how will you know whether the drive is reaching the required amount of people?

How will you know whether your campaign is impressing the people? How will you know that they are coming forward to buy the product? This step is possible by using an analytics platform that will help you in providing the detailed information you need regarding your marketing technique.

3. Always remember the ‘Five Whys’ strategy:

The ‘Five Whys’ is the systematic group of questions that assist you in finding out what has happened when something goes wrong inside your startup. These ‘Five Whys’ will help you evaluate your problem and find out the most comfortable possible solution for it. 

It is also a way of systematically getting to the root of the underlying problems that manifest in various mistakes. These ‘Five Whys’ also help to uncover your root causes in case your social media strategy isn’t providing you with the expected results.

4. Develop an influencer marketing strategy:

This influencer marketing strategy is used by nearly 95% of the upcoming startup companies, and they do firmly believe that is effective. In the field of startups, most of the marketers agree unanimously to this attribute, which signifies the effectiveness influencer marketing possesses.

Many prominent brands like Harley Davidson, Duracell, BYJU’s, KitchenAid, and many more make use of the influencer marketing setup. Through this setup, they gain access to skeptical audiences who have become extremely tired of traditional marketing and advertising techniques.

5. Testing the effectiveness of each social media platform:

Though there are lots of social media platforms present in the online world, it doesn’t mean that it will work effectively for your brand. Each brand has a different set of people using them as a different set of people use Twitter, whereas a different set of people use Instagram. 

So in such cases, you must test the effectiveness of each social media platform and then decide which social media platform can provide you with the best results. Make usage of an all-in-one social media analytics tool that helps you in comparing the performance of your brand across platforms.

6. Always be aligned to the goals of social media marketing:

This step is considered to be the most important in social media marketing. You must always get ensured that the prominent members of your organization are always aligned with the goals of social media marketing. 

If they fail to align, then it will be difficult for your team to live up to the expectations as each manager can expect different outcomes out of a particular strategy.

It is best to create a document or a ledger which summarises the goals of your company’s social media strategy and distribute the same to your senior leaders, which helps in creating the required alignment needed.

7. Always attend a social media conference for learning new trends:

The prominence of a social media platform continually keeps changing. One year you may find Facebook as the leading online platform, but the next year we may see that Instagram has toppled Facebook from the top spot. 

Such changes are constant in social media; hence, it is advised to attend a conference on social media regularly to know about the frequent updates of this digital platform. These conferences will help you in finding the right platform, which can effectively promote your brand to reach newer heights. 

Such conferences will also help you in working with influencers and network peers and will also assist you in reworking or modulating your marketing strategies to acquire the best results. Events such as Social Media Marketing World provides attendees with unprecedented information about the best social media practices.

8. Have a clear opinion about the topics which matter to your audience:

As explained before, there are over 2 billion people present on various social media platforms, among which more than 800 million are present on Instagram alone. Because of the presence of such extensive people, digital networks have become a crowded place nowadays.

Because of this attribute, it is quite difficult for brands to shine extensively in a shorter period as there will be lots of them present with the same credentials. So how can this problem be overcome? 

Differentiate your social media profile from others, and be sure to develop a clear perspective on this world. You should also make sure that this perspective comes through the content which you share.

9. Try taking over a social media profile:

This step is an inexpensive way to gain access to new audiences. With the help of a social media account takeover, you can quickly increase a considerable amount of followers in a short period. 

In other ways, two brands can also swap their accounts or collaborate within themselves. This feature can help startups in accessing audiences in a fast and cost-effective manner.

10. Create an account on all new social media platforms:

A large and engaging social media following can be obtained by possessing the right social media handle. Hence, it is better to create your social media account on a fledgling network to reserve your branded handle.

Finally, is it possible to get the desired results through social media marketing?

Yes, it is. Social media marketing has assisted a countless number of brands in increasing their brand awareness, and in acquiring new customers. Your startup can make the most out of a social media platform, letting it focus on creating a bright and unique voice that appeals to your target audience.

But always be sure to invest in an analytics platform that helps in measuring your performance and also lets you in testing a variety of social media networks that determine the best ones to drive your Key Performance Indicators.

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