India's Top Wedding Industry Startups [2020 Updated]

In marriages, the Indians have always ensured the affair is a big fat affair. In the Indian market, a lot of startup wedding companies have been successful.



The marriage industry is prosperous in India, and demographics verifies this. An average Indian spends over a fifth of his wedding lifetime. The wedding size continues to expand every year, and we do not hesitate to make it so lavish and sumptuous as possible. Marriages are also complicated, not just costly. Preparations and reservations occur earlier than the main case. And the entire planning and preparatory period is a terrible experience. Because the wedding industry is one billion dollars in India, many startups have emerged from the field to make marriages a hassle-free event. A lot of workforces are required in the wedding industries so, interviews with questions like why should you be hired for this internship are asked frequently.


Wedding Industry startups:

1. Weddingplz is a discovery website for marriage suppliers that provides all the married couple needs to prepare, organize, and maintain their marriage. It is a one-stop solution to all wedding requirements – from offering the most accurate details to vendors to helping couples schedule their wedding step by step.


2., a one-stop online shop, gives the respective families detailed guidelines for planning a successful marriage and performance. The site contains information on the recent trends in bridal wear, beauty tips, shopping online, ratings and reviews of suppliers, fashion and gift ideas, and suggestions about choosing designer jewelry pieces.


3. ShaadiSaga

ShaadiSaga began in November 2018 and has developed a technologically capable wedding platform for wedding services at affordable costs. The target audience for this portal is the medium-sized Non-ECR category Indians instead of the luxury Tier I audience.


4. Fullonwedding

Fullonwedding lists all local wedding suppliers, including venues, tents, and florals, bridal wear, salons, photographers, and experts. This helps the customer to select the right service provider for its budget and needs. They also offer customers tips, marriage inspirations, and many useful wedding advice for a smooth wedding experience.


5. ForMyShaadi

ForMyShaadi is a website for the marriage registration of a married couple, launched by Sudha Maheshwari in 2016. The Gurugram startup invites a couple to create a list of gifts they wish to select and purchase gifts from their friends and relatives.


6. Shaadilogy

Founded in 2016 by Aayshya Jhunjhunwala and Vasundhara Mantri, Shaadilogy in Kolkata offers leading Indian designer clothes and accessories. It provides products for all who participate in weddings in theme-based closets.


7. The Wedding Brigade

The Wedding Brigade is one of the first businesses to pursue this possibility and was founded in 2014. The Mumbai-based startup has raised Rs 10 from several investors and offers curated content, products, and services pan India and worldwide.



With young people who would like to have their wedding unique, food and photography should be perfect from the shopping venue. But it's also challenging to get it right. We hope that the above-mentioned wedding startups help you in picturing your dream wedding.

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