Interview with Dmytro Dvurechenskyi, CEO of openGeeksLab, App Development Company in Ukraine

openGeeksLab is the Web and Mobile, Blockchain, and Design company operating in Ukraine. openGeeksLab knows everything you need in IT solutions—meeting deadlines, security, and transparency of development processes. 

They start building your product from scratch with the analysis and planning of all stages so that your business will work and bring money. Their philosophy is to offer you specific solutions, not just technologies.

Dmytro Dvurechenskyi: Founder and CEO

Dmytro Dvurechenskyi, the founder and CEO, has 8+ years’ experience. He knows that you trust the company that values your greatest assets—idea, time, and money. And openGeeksLab repays your trust building apps that bring profit, drive real value for your users, and hit the charts.

The Team

openGeeksLab is a team of problem solvers and big thinkers who are eager to tackle the most complex challenges. The team creates custom solutions and provide consulting in vast business areas.

A. What are some of the best mobile apps you've developed?

The two mobile apps we are proud of are SolidFit FitStack and Sogo Golf. Both of them are available for iOS and Android devices.

SolidFit FitStack is a fitness social network that connects local coaches and sportsmen—from LA to NY. It provides users with workouts plans, healthy recipes. All user data is stored.

Sogo Golf is a specific competition platform for golfers and clubs. We put together all the essential features such as scores tracking and recording, leaderboards, real-time statistics, geolocation, rent, etc.

B. What mobile platform would you recommend to your client?

We build cross-platform mobile apps on React Native for both iOS and Android devices at once. This framework allows you to shorten the development cycle 1.8 times. As a result, you reduce costs and achieve the same high quality of a product as if you decided to develop a mobile app separately for each operating system.

It is incorrect to state which platform is better or worse. For end users, iOS and Android are very similar. The differences are minimal. Perhaps, the most severe difference is security. iOS is considered more secure.

C. How do you communicate with the clients during the project?

We communicate with clients using Jira, Trello, PM tools, etc. Workflow systematization allows us to cooperate with customers from different countries and different time zones. We have a strong PM department. We are planning sprints and epics. If a client is located in the same time zone as ours, then we conduct online communication. If a client is in a different time zone, it does not cause delays in the development process. As a result, our customers don’t worry about anything.

D. How do you think your team is different from the others?

We’ve created a strong development workflow and management processes—from the moment a lead is received to the completion of the project, and the app release.   Although we are a small company, top management is personally involved in solving your business tasks. At openGeeksLab, we are addicted to what we do and the results speak for themselves.

E. What development Methodology do you use?

We use Agile-based development methodology. We combine Scrum, Kanban, and sprint based iterations.

F. Tell me something about the worst experience you had while creating a client's app.

When our company just started to work, we cooperated with a customer who requested an estimate for one feature. We gave an estimate of 24 hours. A customer understood literally and thought that we would complete the task in 24 hours after negotiations. We, in turn, meant 24 hours in the context of working hours—3 eight-hour days. We worked for the first 8 hours. After our PM called a client, we understood that a client thought differently. Even though we have fixed working hours, we respected a customer’s situation and worked overtime. A customer appreciated this and was grateful. In result, he paid us triple.

G. How do you think Applancer is going to be a revolution for the app development industry?

We believe you’ll manage to become a great and secure platform where employers, developers, designers, managers, marketers, and other bright minds can find each other to create exceptional products.

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