Pro Kabaddi 2019, Teams and Schedule

VIVO Pro Kabaddi Season seven will inaugurate on 20 July with the twelve teams all set to have the battle once again for the crown.

The eagerness for the return of the league has been massive ever since the finale on 5 January in which the Bengaluru Bulls have crowned champions after their win against the Gujarat Fortune Giants, making them their maiden VIVO Pro Kabaddi title winner.

"India's biggest kabaddi league is all set for a milestone Season VII, as it returns to the July – October window in the country's annual sports calendar," Anupam Goswami, CEO, Mashal Sports Pvt Ltd and League Commissioner, VIVO Pro Kabaddi. "To improve the overall experience for spectators and television viewers, Season VII will commence each of its city-legs on Saturdays and matches will begin at 7:30 pm throughout.

"We take pride in the way all our stakeholders and partners, particularly VIVO Pro Kabaddi franchises and the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India, are collectively engaged in making kabaddi a major front ranking sport in India," he added.

Some of the league's biggest names like Rahul Chaudhari, Siddharth Desai, Monu Goyat and Sandeep Narwal made significant changes to new teams for the forthcoming campaign while other stars like Pardeep Narwal, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, Ajay Thakur and Fazel Atrachali will continue to play for their particular teams from Season six.

The newest edition will also see a crowd of new faces appear in the league, who came through the Future Kabaddi Heroes program. Breakout stars like Nitesh Kumar, Surender Singh, and Rohit Gulia have already made a significant effect in the league after coming through the Future kabaddi heroes program and Season seven will likely excavate more such young talents who will be looking to take the VIVO Pro Kabaddi stage by storm.

The newest edition will also see a crowd of new faces appear in the league, who came through the Future Kabaddi Heroes program. Breakout stars like Nitesh Kumar, Surender Singh, and Rohit Gulia have already made a significant effect in the league after coming through the Future kabaddi heroes program and Season seven will likely excavate more such young talents who will be looking to take the VIVO Pro Kabaddi stage by storm.

A total of twenty-nine players – consisting of huge names, Pardeep Narwal, Ajay Thakur, Rohit Kumar, and last year's MVP, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat - have been retained by 11 teams. Though the number of players retained from the previous season's squad was increased from one to four last year, this year the number of players that comprise the 'Elite Retained Players' category has been increased to six. Franchises can retain up to six Elite players from either group A, B or C, with a maximum of two each from group A and B.

Besides, the league has introduced 'Retained Young Players', a new category under which teams can retain players picked under the 'New Young Players' category, once those players have finished two seasons with PKL. These retained young players are over and above the existing cap of six new young players a franchise can have. Moreover, each team is required to have a minimum of two foreign players and a maximum of four in their roster for the upcoming season.

In effect, teams will now be able to maintain continuity by keeping a majority of their existing squad, which was precisely the objective, according to league commissioner Anupam Goswami.

"The league is cognisant of the significance of squad continuity and long-term association of players with their respective teams. With this realization, VIVO Pro Kabaddi has consistently strengthened its Player Retention Policy to facilitate and augment squad continuity, to benefit players as well as their teams," Goswami said in a press release.

Who's hitting the reset button this time?

Last year, U Mumba, Jaipur Pink Panthers, and UP Yoddha started from scratch, not retaining a single player.

This time, Puneri Paltan is the only team clearing out their entire roster. Pune will perhaps be under a little more pressure than the other groups to spend their purse of Rs. 4.4 crore - an increase over the Rs. 4 crores for each team last year - in a sensible, strategic manner.

Having missed out on the playoffs last season after finishing fourth in Zone A, the Pune management decided the team needed a new coach as well. Ashan Kumar has been replaced by Anup Kumar, the 'Captain Cool' of Indian kabaddi. Anup, who led India to Asian Games gold medals in 2010 and 2014, as well as the World Cup in 2016, captained U Mumba to the title in Season 2 and runner-up finishes in Season 1 and 3. In December last year, he announced his retirement after a group-stage game for Jaipur, who bought him for a relatively low cost, by his standards, at last year's auction.

There are in total 12 teams, the teams and their team members are:

A. Bengal Warriors:

1)  Bhuvneshwar Gaur (Raider)

2)  K. Prapanjan (Raider)

3) Maninder Singh (Raider)

4) Mohammad Tagi (Raider)

5) Rakesh Narwal (Raider)

6) Ravindra Ramesh (Raider)

7) Sukesh Hedge (Raider)

8) Sahil (defender, right cover)

9) Vijin Thangadurai (Defender, right corner)

10) Amit (defender, right corner)

11) Baldev Singh (Defender, right corner)

12)  Jeeva Kumar (Defender, left and right corner)

13) Viraj Vishnu (Defender, Left Cover)

14) Adarsh T (Defender, Left Corner)

15) Dharmendra Singh (Defender, Left Corner)

16) Rinku Narwal (Defender)

17) Amir Dhumal (All Rounder)

18) Avinash A (all Rounder) and

19) Esmael Nabibaksh (All Rounder)

B. Bengaluru Bulls:

Raiders are as follows:

1) Banty

2) Lal Mohar

3) Pawan Sehrawat

4) Sumit Singh

5) Rohit Kumar and

6) Vinod Kumar

The Defenders for the team are:

7) Mohit Sehrawat (Right Cover)

8) Raju Lal ( Right Corner)

9) Vijay Kumar ( Right Corner )

10) Mahender Singh (Left Cover)

11) Aman ( Left Corner)

12) Sandeep (Left Corner)

13) Ajay

14) Ankit and

15) Amit Sheoran

The All-rounders are:

16) Ashish Kumar and

17) Sanjay Shrestha

C. Dabang Delhi K.C.

Raiders are:

1) Aman Kadian

2) Chandran Ranjit

3) Naveen Kumar

4) Neeraj Narwal and

5) Sumit Kumar

Defenders are:

6) Vishal Mane ( Right Cover)

7) Pratik Patil (Right Corner)

8) Ravinder Pahal ( Right Corner)

9) Saied Ghaffari (Left Corner)

10) Anil Kumar (Left Corner)

11) Satywan

12) Joginder Narwal and

13) Sambir

With all-rounders:

14) Miraj Sheykh and

15) Vijay JI

D. Gujarat Fortune Giants


1) Abhishek

2) Abolfazl Maghsodlou

3) Gurvinder Singh

4) Lalit Chaudhary

5) More G

6) Sachin and

7) Sonu

Defenders are:

8) Sunil Kumar

9) Parvesh Bhainswal

10) Sonu Gahlawat and

11) Ruturaj Koravi

with all-rounders like :

12) Rohit Gulia

13) Shazid Hossain and

14) Vinod Kumar

E. Haryana Steelers

The Raiders for Haryana Steelers are:

1)Amir Hossein Maleki,

2)Arun Kumar,


4)Prashant Kumar,

5)Selvamani K,

6)Vikash Khandola,



8)Ravi Kumar,

9)Vikas Kale,


11)Dharmaraj Cheralathan,


13)Subhash Narwal,

14)Vikram Kandola,

15)Kuldeep Singh,

All Rounder:

16)Tin Phonchoo

F. Jaipur Pink Panthers


1) Ajinkya Pawar

2) Deepak Narwal

3) Guman Singh

4) Lokesh Kaushik

5) Milinda Chathuranga

6) Nilesh Salunke and

7) Sushil Gulia

Defenders are:

8) Pavan T (Right Cover)

9) Amit Hooda (Right Corner)

10) Karamvir (Left Corner)

11) Sandeep Dhull (left Corner) and

12) Sunil Siddhgavali

With All Rounders:

13) Deepak Hooda

14) Dong Gyu

15) Nitin Rawal

16) Sachin Narwal

17) Santhapanaselvam and

18) Vishal

G. Patna Pirates

Raiders for Patna Pirates are:

1) Ashish

2) Jang Kun

3) Mohammad Esmaeil

4) Mohit

5) Naveen

6) Pardeep Narwal

7) Purna Singh

Defenders are:

8) Mahendra Choudhary

9) Neeraj Kumar

10) Jaideep

11) Surender Nada

12) Bintu Narwal and

13) Jawahar

All-rounder are:

14) Hadi Oshtorak

15) Ravinder Kumar and

16) Vikash Jaglan

H. Puneri Paltan

The raiders for Puneri Paltan are:

1)    Amit Kumar

2)    Darshan Kadian

3)    Emad Sedaghatnia

4)    Manjeet

5)    Nitin tomar and

6)    Pawan Kumar

The Defenders are:

7)    Deepak Yadav

8)    Jaghav Balasaheb

9)    Sujeet Singh

10)    Hadi Tajeek

11)    Satpal

12)    Shubham shinde and

13)    Girish Maruti

All-rounders are

14)    Amit Kumar

15)    Sagar Krishna and

16)    Sandip

I. Tamil Thalaivas

The Raiders are:

1) Ajay Thakur

2) Anand

3) Rahul Chaudhary

4) Shabeer Bappu

5) V. Ajith

6) Vineet Sharma and

7) Yashwant Bishnoi

The Defenders for the team are:

8) Ajith

9) M. Abhishek

10) Ponparthiban Subramanian

11) Himanshu

12) Mohit Chillar and

13) Milad Sheibak

The all-rounders for the thaliavas are:

14) Hemant Chauhan

15) Manjeet Chillar

16) Rann Singh and

17) Victor Obiero

J. Telegu Titans


1)    Amit Kumar

2)    Ankit Beniwal

3)    Kamal Singh

4)    Mula Siva

5)    Rajnish

6)    Rakesh Gowda

7)    Siddharth Desai and

8)    Suraj Desai


9)    Akash Choudhary

10)    Manish

11)    C. Arun

12)    Abozar Mighani and

13)    Vishal Bharadwaj


14)    Armaan

15)    Dewitt Jennings and

16)    Farhad Milaghardan

K. U-Mumba

Raiders are:

1) Abhishek Singh

2)  Arun Deshwal

3) Athul M

4) Dong Geon

5) Gaurav Kumar

6) Rohit Baliyan and

7) Vinoth Kumar

Defenders are:

8) Rajaguru Subramanian

9) Surender Singh

10) Harsh Vardhan

11) Anil

12) Harendra Kumar

13) Young Chang and

14) Fazel Atrachali

All-rounders are:

15) Ajinkya kapre

16) Mohit Balyan and

17) Sandeep Narwal

L. U.P Yoddha

Raiders for U.P. Yoddha are:

1) Ankush

2) Azad Singh

3) Gulveer Singh

4) Masud Karim

5) Monu Goyat

6) Rishank Devadiga

7) Shrikant Jadhav and

8) Surender Singh


9) Aashish Nagar

10) Nitesh Kumar and

11) Amit

All-rounders are:

12) Akram Shaikh

13) Gurdeep

14) Mohsen Maghsoudlou

15) Narender and

16) Sachin Kumar

The Schedule for JULY Pro Kabbadi is here:

Match 1:

Date: Saturday, 20 July

Time: 19:30 (IST)

Telegu Titans VS U Mumba

Venue: Hyderabad

Match 2:

Date: Saturday, 20 July

Time: 20:30 (IST)

Bengaluru Bulls VS Patna Pirates

Venue: Hyderabad

Match 3:

Date: Sunday, 21 July

Time: 19:30 (IST)

Bengaluru Bulls VS Gujarat Fortune giants

Venue: Hyderabad

Match 4 :

Date: Sunday, 21 July

Time: 20:30 (IST)

Telegu Titans VS Tamil Thalaivas

Venue: Hyderabad

Match 5:

Date: Monday, 22 July

Time: 19:30 (IST)

U Mumba VS Jaipur Pink Panthers

Venue: Hyderabad

Match 6:

Date: Monday, 22 July

Time: 20:30 (IST)

Puneri Paltan VS Haryana Steelers

Venue: Hyderabad

Match 7:

Date: Wednesday, 24 July

Time: 19:30 (IST)

U.P. Yoddha VS Bengal Warriors

Venue: Hyderabad

Match 8:

Date: Wednesday, 24 July

Time: 20:30 (IST)

Telegu Titans VS Dabang Delhi K.C.

Venue: Hyderabad

Match 9:

Date: Thursday, 25 July

Time: 19:30 (IST)

Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Tamil Thalaivas

Venue: 19:30 (IST)

Match 10:

Date: Friday, 26 July

Time: 19:30 (IST)

U.P. Yoddha VS Gujarat Fortune giants

Venue: Hyderabad

Match 11:

Date: Friday, 26 July

Time: 20:30 (IST)

Telegu Titans VS Patna Pirates

Venue: Hyderabad

Match 12:

Date: Saturday, 27 July

Time: 19:30 (IST)

U Mumba VS Puneri Paltan

Venue: Mumbai

Match 13:

Date: Saturday, 27 July

Time: 20:30 (IST)

Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Bengal Warriors

Venue: Mumbai

Match 14:

Date: Sunday, 28 July

Time: 19:30 (IST)

Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Haryana Steelers

Venue: Mumbai

Match 15:

Date: Sunday, 28 July

Time:  20:30 (IST)

U Mumba VS Bengaluru Bulls

Venue: Mumbai

Match 16:

Date: Monday, 29 July

Time: 19:30 (IST)

Tamil Thalaivas VS Patna Pirates

Venue: Mumbai

Match 17:

Date: Monday, 29 July

Time: 20:30 (IST)

Bengal Warriors VS Puneri Paltan

Venue: Mumbai

Match 18:

Date: Wednesday, 31 July

Time: 19:30 (IST)

Haryana Steelers VS Jaipur Pink Panthers

Venue: Mumbai

Match 19:

Date: Wednesday, 31 July

Time: 20:30 (IST)

U Mumba VS U.P. Yoddha

Venue: Mumbai

So, this time, Pro Kabaddi is going to be more exciting than before. So book your tickets and enjoy your favorite team saying "kabaddi kabaddi" and winning their matches.

"Go Kabaddi, Pro Kabaddi."

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