Top Streaming Platforms in India that Transformed the TV Industry for Millenials

Takeaway: Here are the top streaming services in India that have transformed the media consumption patterns used for generations through its on-demand video service.


OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu have transformed the media consumption patterns for the Millenials, which has caused the TV industry to tie up with many such streaming services to adapt to the changing environment. It is said that every three decades, Hollywood experiences a seismic shift, caused heavily because of the new ways of the new generation.

The streaming services gained acceleration during 2007 when the internet services actually got fast enough to play movies and series online without buffering. The innovation helped people view whatever they want at any time of the day without being interrupted by the commercials, unlike that with TV, where shows were streamed at a particular time of the day weekly. Steadily, the streaming services even went ahead to producing their own exclusive video content for its users.

Netflix that was launched back in 1997, seemed like an invention for the fools, but it was not long before people quit renting DVDs and started watching movies on the OTT network itself. Today, the platform not only stands as the most-streamed OTT platform but is also the producer of multiple original series and films. Here are the top streaming services, including Netflix, that has transformed the TV Industry.



Netflix is the most popular streaming service of them all that used by the masses for its brand and products. The platform started as a streaming platform for movies and TV series from other franchisees. However, it was not long before Netflix launched its Original series, where the company produces and shoots their original films and series, available exclusively on Netflix like Little Things, The Crown, and Stranger Things.

Netflix is one of the most expensive streaming service in India with mobile plans starting from Rs 199 (limited) to Rs 799 for its top-tier per month subscription that allows users to view on four screens simultaneously and includes its ultra HD feature. 


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another popular video-on-demand service in India that used by multiple households to view media content in a few clicks. One of the things that make Amazon Prime Video an attractive deal for its consumers is tat the subscription of Amazon Prime comes with multiple benefits. Once you become an Amazon Prime member, for Rs 129 per month or Rs 999 per year, you get exclusive video, audio, priority delivery, best deals, and offers, etc. on the Amazon platform. 

Like Netflix, Prime also launched its Amazon Prime Originals series that include series like Mirzapur, Made in Heaven, Patriot, Homecoming, etc. The Prime Video also bagged exclusive deals with film franchisees for online Bollywood streaming, making it an excellent choice for Bollywood buffs. Recently, the Amazon Prime Video released the Oscar winner Korean movie Parasite exclusively on its platform.



Voot is an Indian streaming service platform that was launched in 2016 that hosts over 40k+ hours of video content. The Viacom 18 enterprise has exclusive access to content from Colors, MTV, and Nickelodeon. The video content can be streamed in multiple languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, etc. Like other streaming services, Voot also has its own Voot Original series that is made available only to its paid subscribers. In fact, if you are looking forward to reality shows like Bigg Boss 14, such shows are streamed on Voot a day before TV exclusively for its paid subscribers.


Disney+ Hotstar

The Disney Hotstar is another great OTT platform available in India that has been made available for its users for live streaming of sports, shows, and more. Disney Hotstar is amongst the more affordable subscriptions available in India. Its VIP subscription available at Rs 399 per year comes with Disney+ shows, movies, & kids content dubbed in Indian languages, plus live sports, recent Bollywood movies, exclusive Hotstar specials, & the latest episodes of Indian TV shows.


The central concept behind the original series released on platforms like Hotstar is more about addressing the issues of the society and other controversial topics that are not talked about much in typical TV shows. This ranges from documentaries and portrayal of a typical day in an NGO in Mumbai, Delhi, etc. to series about cases of murder, rape, etc. that have taken place in India. 

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